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ombre powder brows

a natural yet defined look

Ombre Powder brows

Ombre Powder Brows are a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that uses a digital tattoo machine to implant pigment into the skin. Due to the small size of the needle (nano needle), there is minimal pain and trauma to the treated area, resulting in timely healed results compared to microblading. The nano needle allows us to achieve soft, misty shading on the brows. The ombre powder brow is a fully shaded brow that gradually fades from bold to soft from the body of the brow to the front of the brow. This soft shading mimics the appearance of powdered makeup on the brows. Shading can be soft, medium or bold, depending on your preference. Ombre Powder Brows will heal up to 30% softer once healed, providing a natural appearance. This style of brows is suitable for ALL skin types, whereas microblading is NOT recommended for those with oily skin.

  • Lasts up to 3+ years (annual touchups recommended to maintain shape and colour)

  • Healing time: 10-14 days

  • Pain level: 2/10

  • Suitable for all skin types 

  • Suitable for thin sparse brows to full brows



CONSULTATION (15 MIN): We will discuss your beauty goals/concerns and determine the appropriate brow shape for you based on your existing brow hair and facial structure (there is no one-size-fits-all approach). Pigment selection will also be discussed – this is determined based on your skin undertone and brow hair. Clients are encouraged to bring reference/inspiration photos to the appointment. 


BROW DESIGN (MAPPING & SHAPING) (1 HR): Your artist will map/shape your brows using brow pencil and measuring tools. Precise measurements are taken to ensure the brows are symmetrical and flattering for your face shape. The client will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the design. Adjustments may be made before moving forward with the tattoo. Client must be 100% satisfied with the brow design before moving forward.


TATTOO OUTLINE (10 MIN): Once the pre-drawn brow design is complete, your artist will tattoo the brow outline. This is done without numbing cream, as the pain is very minimal (3/10 pain level) and only takes 5-10 minutes.


NUMBING (5 MIN): Once the outline is complete a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the brows for up to 5 minutes. This numbing cream starts working right away and is very effective at keeping the brows numb. Most clients fall asleep during the procedure.


BROW TATTOO (1-1.5 HRS): Once the brows are numb, your artist will resume the brow tattoo. Several passes of shading are done on the brows to build up the colour. Numbing cream is applied throughout the procedure to ensure the client is comfortable.


AFTERCARE REVIEW (10 MIN): When the tattoo is complete, your artist will take an after photo (with client consent), and then discuss the aftercare instructions and healing process. An aftercare kit and instructions are provided to each client.



Please email a clear photo of your brows PRIOR to booking for an accurate quote.


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